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    • Adsorption of copper(II) onto perlite 

      Alkan, Mahir; Doğan, Mehmet (Academic Press Inc, 2001)
      Perlite samples activated by H2SO4 solutions were utilized as adsorbents for the removal of Cu(II) ions from solutions at different pHs, ionic strengths, and temperatures. It has been found that the amount of Cu(II) adsorbed ...
    • Surface titrations of perlite suspensions 

      Alkan, Mahir; Doğan, Mehmet (Academic Press Inc, 1998)
      The surface charge behaviour of unexpanded and expanded perlite samples in KNO3 and NaCl solutions were investigated as a function of pH and ionic strength. The solutions of KNO3 and NaCl ranging from 10(-3) to 1.0 M were ...